This guy is great at hearing what you’re looking for and turning it into art. Awesome to work with. Jeremy is very understanding and patient, but most of all, he is great at what he does.” – Kyle P.

Working with Jeremy Caruthers has been an honor. He is extremely professional. Jeremy is excellent with hearing what I envision and then placing it into music. He’s extremely eclectic and continues to amaze me with the quality of music he produces.” – James V.

It’s a good day when your recording with Jeremy. He is original, fresh,creative, and has the greatest ear for music that I have ever come across. He can take your silly ideas and bring them to life better than you’ve ever dreamt.” – Phill K.

Jeremy is an amazing person to work with. As an artist I am very protective over my stuff and Jeremy (who is also a writer) is very sensitive to that. He always asks exactly what I want in the mix and the product always exceeds my expectations. For any independent artist looking for someone to work with, I would definitely recommend Jeremy Caruthers!” – A.B.

I can honestly say that I loved working with Mr. Caruthers because of his fresh ideas as a producer! He is always open for different styles and types of music which I believe helps him with his unique and incredible style in the studio and when writing music.” – Austin A.