“3-4-6-5” with Clark Beckham



AB    “Joy” with AB


“I Am Defined” with Far Flung Tin Can (Live Recording in Guatemala)

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Solo Album – “First Love”
Solo Album – “Sound Influence”
Drummer – Evangelist Singers, Lee University
Producer/Engineer/Studio Musician – Rhonda Ferguson Album
Studio Drummer – Evangelistic Singers Album
Music Pastor – Destiny Community Fellowship
Solo EP – “So Many Things”
Drummer/Pianist – James & the Fam
Drummer – Mr. Monster
Musician/Writer/MC – Fate Theory Album
Band Leader/Pianist – Campus Choir, Lee University
Producer/Live Tracks – Lee University, Life at Lee Production
Producer/Live Tracks – Christmas Louie Musical
Studio Musician – Campus Choir Album
Musical Arrangements – Campus Choir Album
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Josh Taylor
Project Producer, Live Tracks – Brooke Mills
Producer/Engineer – Shabach International EP
Producer/Engineer/Musician/Writer/MC – Fate Theory EP
Film Score/Soundtrack – Short Film, “Regret” by Nate Powers
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Clark Beckham EP Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Lucas Aguiar Project Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Studio Musician – Shaye Thompson
Leader/Pianist – Power Unlimited
Engineer/Drum Tech – Snarky Puppy “GroundUp”
Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Writer/Studio Musician – James Vassell Album Producer/Engineer – Sandra Crowley
Film Score/Soundtrack – Pentecostal Theological Seminary Promo DVD
Film Score/Soundtrack – PTS Chapel Video
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – A.B. Album
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Nate Powers
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Tobin and Jojo Shoemate
Producer/Engineer/Co-Arranger/Studio Musician – Jessica Hitte
Original Score (for commercial) – Nine Line Productions
Producer/Engineer – Britain Miethe
Producer/Arranger/Engineer – Moseley family
Producer/Writer/Arranger/Studio Musician – Freedom House, Knoxville
Producer/Arranger – Clark Beckham EP #2
Producer/Arranger/Co-writer – Jay Newsome EP
Producer/Engineer – Woodward Ave Church, Athens, TN
Producer/Engineer/Bassist – Far Flung Tin Can, Live Album, Guatemala
Producer/Writer/Musician/Vocalist – Radiate Worship EP
Engineer/Mixing/Mastering – Alfred Street Baptist Church Album
Engineer/Producer – One Focus EP
Engineer/Producer – Dave Welborn Christmas Album
Engineer – Sanctified Symphony Orchestra Live Recording
Engineer/Producer – Ronni Golden single “Worship”
Producer – Far Flung Tin Can single “Compass”
Writer/Producer – Rally Worship “Rising EP”
Writer/Producer – Far Flung Tin Can album “Lead Me”
Writer/Producer/Piano – Rally Worship single “Rest My Soul”
Writer/Producer/Musician – Rally Worship album


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